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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Influence Asia 2015

The past few days have been amazing! If you have already followed me on Instagram, you could see that I have flooded my profile with plenty of photos taken from Influence Asia. Many would ask, what is Influence Asia?

Influence Asia is an award show that honours individual or group achievements in the Social Media Influence industry across Asia including Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore.

The networking session was held at GDG Headquarters, the new home for Gushcloud and YDM Global. Before heading down to the location, Lydia and I crashed Eunice's room at Pan Pacific Hotel. We managed to spend a little bit of quality time together, catching up on things that we have missed out. Due to our busy schedules, we no longer meet that often like we used to. 

Here are a few shots taken by Lydia and Eunice while waiting for our taxi to arrive:

Outfit Of The Day
Top: Topshop
Bottom: H&M
Outerwear: GUESS

I didn't manage to get photos of the new office but it was huge! Failed to bring my camera around on that day because my bag had insufficient space. It was wonderful meeting Influencers from other countries, exchanging views and sharing their knowledge. An eye-opening experience for me as it helps me further understand and alter my perspective on Social Media Influence. Learning is never-ending. When you get to see Influencers from other countries, you'll easily get excited because you don't get to see people like them in Singapore. 

Met baby Yebin!

Moving on...

Reporting time, 12:15 PM at SUNTEC Convention Centre. If you ask me, yeah, early. I am not a morning person at all. Surprisingly, I was able to wake up at 10 in the morning to do my hair and make up.

Eusoff Hashim (also known as Ucop) and his partner

Congratulations to those who won! Extremely happy that Eunice won an award for herself. The award show was a successful one and I enjoyed my time there. Ended my night early by checking in Grand Park Hotel while everyone was out till late. I appreciate sleep more than anything. 

Till we meet again,

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