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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Glam Up For Valentine's Day!

Even though New Year has just started, I am looking forward to know what the month of February has to offer! Besides celebrating my birthday, I am eager to know how this year's Valentine's Day will be like. On 14th of February, the town area of Singapore will be filled with romantic couples holding hands, heart shaped balloons floating in the air, bouquet of flowers and cute teddy bears.

During my secondary school days, Valentine's Day was the most happening day. Since it's an all-girls school, we didn't have boys coming to us, giving us roses as a sign of friendship, love or affection. We only had girls. Therefore, we celebrate the special day by baking muffins and cookies for one another, giving sweets and long handwritten letters. You feel appreciated when you come in class early in the morning, to know that your table is filled with colourful candies, notes and cupcakes. Those were the days…

Putting Valentine's Day aside for now. First of all, I would like to thank everyone who took part in the #SunsilkHairHunt contest. You guys were so enthusiastic about winning yourselves a staycation at the New Majestic Hotel. Unfortunately, I was allowed to select only one winner and I’ve picked @diansophia_ as my lucky winner for the #SunsilkHairHunt contest. To @diansophia_ , I hope you have a wonderful and memorable staycation. Hopefully you can share some photos during your staycation on Instagram so that I will be able to join in the fun with you virtually!

For those who didn't win, it is totally fine. Do keep up with my Instagram feed for more giveaways and contests in the future! 

(Click here to watch the video

Now, I would like to share with you girls a simple hair tutorial that you can do for Valentine's day! WOOHOO! I am feeling the excitement already!

Step #1: Apply Sunsilk Hair Tonic on your roots to keep hair healthy and strong! It also helps to keep those baby or frizzy hair tamed. 

Step #2: Take a portion of hair from the front and do a normal braid. Once you are done, secure the ends by using a bobby pin or a small rubber band.

Step #3: Next, from the same size, take the same portion of your hair and tie another braid.

Step #4: Pin both braids to the back of your head and secure it with two bobby pins or more, depending on the thickness of your braids.

From the side, your hair should look something like this. The braids should be secured parallel to each other.

Repeat the same steps for the other half of your hair and you're good to go!

These are just some simple steps for you to achieve a sweet-looking hairdo. Not too messy, not too complicated. You can do this within 10 minutes or less! This means, more sleeping time for you!

Next up, some tips on what to wear on a first date!

Tip #1: 
Avoid skimpy clothes. Do not expose too much skin on the first date! First impression counts. Wear sexy yet conservative clothes. For example, you can wear a black tight dress that goes down to your knee. Do not reveal too much of what's underneath the cloth. 

Tip #2: 
Wear something comfortable! You do not want your mood to be affected, if let’s say... your cute tummy bulged out after a sumptuous meal and you have to keep fidgeting to cover it. In addition, wear a pair of super comfortable footwear so that you will not be bothered by the countless blisters your heels are giving you.

Tip #3: 
Avoid over accessorising. You don't want to be called as a moving hanger, do you?

Tip #4: 
Wearing THE best and priceless make up and that is your SMILE. 
Smile because it makes one glow from within. Ever heard of the saying that when one is feeling happy and they smile, their face will lit up instantly.

Hope you girls learned a thing or two from this blog post! Polish yourself and you are good to go! On a side note, do look out for Sunsilk's Pop-Up Salon, launching in early April for four weekends. Visit for more information!

Credit: Dress from OhVola


  1. Aw I miss V-Day in SMSS! Anyway, thanks for sharing this hairstyle :3