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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Love Has No Boundaries

Hello everyone! Here's a quick update on what I have been up to lately!

  • School test has already started which means that I have to stay in school much later than usual. My Final Year Project (FYP) is a huge burden. Many polytechnic students would agree on this.
  • Failed my TP test twice and finally passed on my third attempt, which is actually a great achievement for me knowing how clumsy I can be. I've made a promise to myself that I would get hold of the manual driving license at the age of 20. Thank god I did. Can't wait to start driving around!
  • Planned a holiday to Bangkok and Phuket with Sahil before December ends. Booked the flight tickets and accomodations at the very last minute. Yolo.
  • Mum gave the green light to keep a cat at home and Sahil told me that he would buy one for me. Not going to keep my hopes high on that though.
  • Been drafting quite a number of posts and I'm still unsure if I can publish them on time.
  • Hong Kong was awesome. Will do a blog post on that, not to worry.
  • Featured in TreePotatoes video

  • Featured in Live Great TV video on Love Confession Episode 2

  • Featured on a local dating site. Not that I am a love guru but I am just sharing my thoughts!
  • Been learning how to cook like a pro.
  • My current favourite TV series would be Scandal. Watched it from Season 1 all the way to Season 4 in less than three weeks. Almost became addicted to it. Lost touch with The Vampire Diaries ever since #replaceable

Recently, Sahil and I celebrated our 16th monthsary and every 4th of the month, we never fail to show our appreciation to one another. Our relationship has been the best one i've been in so far and I cherish every moment I have with him. I know this may sound very cliche, just like any other, but I really do mean every word I am about to say. I am a liar if I were to say that our relationship is the most perfect relationship. Both of us have our own flaws. We fight like married couple. We hate each other's guts and we drive each other insane from time to time! But of course, our relationship is not all that dramatic. We talk and share secrets like best friends, we flirt like first loves and protect each other like siblings. We don't get sick and tired easily and that's a good thing. We are still in love just like the first time we met.

There are things that I admire about Sahil and I feel the need to compliment him for it.
  1. He never accepts the word, 'Break Up'. He has never mentioned it to me or at anytime in our relationship, in which, I am very thankful for. It shows that he doesn't give up on me easily despite the countless events where I am always getting on his nerves. 

  2.  He is probably the only person that has the highest tolerance for me. His level of endurance is unmeasurable and his patience…limitless (which I am trying my very best not to take advantage of). *pat his back* 

  3. He doesn't like it when I leave problems hanging. I am the kind of person who likes to sleep it off and if the next day, the problem doesn't bother me, it means that it's nothing serious to begin with. He, on the other hand, likes to settle the problem right away even if it's a minor one. For instance, if we are out and there's something that I'm unhappy about, he will stop and interrogate me until he gets something out from my mouth to the extent of not letting me go home. He will force me to open up my mouth and raise the matter, solve the problem and then, he'll allow me to go home in peace.

    If I choose to sleep it off and he's there with me, he'll start shaking my body, playing with my eyes, nose, mouth and ears just so that would wake me up and talk it out. but when he's not physically there, he spams me with message which would test my patience.

    On a good note, yes, it's an ideal way to solve problems whenever there's one. Talking about it and finding a solution before going to bed is recommendable. However, I still find that sleeping it off would be the best solution for me. Hahaha! #preferences

  4. I see his unconditional love for me. I come first before anyone else and I don't really need any reassurance from him. I used to tell him that, 'Actions speak louder than words' and he preached it. He will try his very best to fit my needs, be it showering me with his endless love or giving me his undying attention whenever I feel like I am lacking of it. You can tell whether someone loves you genuinely and sincerely. It is usually not measured by words but often, by how they make you feel.

    He doesn't give up on me or love me less even after we quarrel for 94753465 times. Overtime, when you are in a long-term relationship, you will tend to discover your partner's bad habits and flaws. There are two types of people - one who will get sick and tired of you and the other who will love you and still thinks that you are perfect despite knowing your ugly side. As for him, he has seen me at my worst and still loves me like no other. Even though we are together for 16 months, I feel that I've known him inside and out. Maybe it's because I meet him almost every day, and every day I learn something new about him and vice versa,which makes me feel like we've known each other for more than 16 months.

These are just five pointers out of the hundreds more, which I will save it for some other time. He will stay this way as long as I am doing the same thing as he does. There is one more thing that I would like to add on to the list. He is very romantic and always full of surprises. When I say always, it means 99% of the time. Not forgetting, adventurous as well. One fine weekend, he planned a day for us at Sentosa. We went for the luge three consecutive times, as it was his first time. Just wanted to make sure he had the most wonder experience with the love of his life. Hahaha! Should have known that the queue was crazy. Express pass would save our lives.

I was unsure of his plans after the luge ride because he didn't tell me what he wanted to do. We walked along the beach and decided to get airbrush tattoos for ourselves! He then secretly brought me to a dining place just along the beach, for dinner. I enjoy testing his romantic skills and he never fail to sweep me off my feet every time he does something sweet.

We had dinner at Coastes and the food was average. However, the view from where Sahil and I were seated, it was breathtaking. Coincidentally, there were fireworks up in the sky, which made our dinner date much better.

"Yes sir? You are about to say something?"


Here is a video that sums up my date with the boyfriend!

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