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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

DeadSea Fortunes

When it comes to skin care products, I am always eager to try it out. Not long ago, I got myself products from DeadSea Fortunes. From body butter, to scrub salt, to creams and so on. Out of the many things that I got for myself, there was one thing that I have yet to try. It was the mud mask!!! Anyway, slight introduction about the product. DeadSea Fortunes are imported from the country, Jordan, and are cheaper compared to the Israel products. However, the quality still remains the same. They are made from 100% natural plant extracts and minerals from the Dead Sea itself. Take note that these DeadSea products can be used by Malays/Muslims as there is no clash of interest.

The products have been gaining a lot of awareness and popularity in Singapore and it's now available ONLY at Miyoc online. They don't sell it anywhere else. Good news is that, there are 20% off for launch promotion! Yaaaayyyy!!!!

This is the body scrub salt that helps to exfoliate your skin!

There are three creams altogether; Face moisturiser, foot cream and hand cream.

Our foot may be one of the tiredness parts of our body and we should never neglect it, rather take good care and nourish it frequently. Dead Sea Foot Cream is infused with essential minerals from the Dead Sea and tea tree oil that keeps your feet soft and silky. 
It also helps to heal and prevent cracked and dry foot. This rich cream has an antibacterial triclosan that absorbs deeply into the skin to relieve dry chapped heels and rough skin.

As for the DeadSea face moisturiser cream, it is enrich with natural Dead Sea minerals. These minerals have a high concentration of minerals that makes them effective at healing and beautifying skin. Exposure to U.V rays without the use of protection will increase the chance of skin cancer and ageing. It also contains UV filter and does not only protect skin from harmful U.V rays and environmental hazards, but at the same time, nourish and soften skin. It has a quick absorption that can be easily applied to face and neck.  Don't forget to apply it regularly to protect skin from undesirable harm. How marvelous is it to have two benefits in a product? 

Amazingggg right???

There are two types of mud; body mud and facial mud mask.

I know my face is nothing compared to the girl on the front "cover" of the product but, hahahaha! 

It was my first time. So I just apply it however I want to.

This is one of my favourite skin care products. The body butter. I love the smell!!!!! Furthermore, it's in chocolate flavour. Makes me want to eat it! Once you use it, you find that your skin will be very smooth.

Head down to Miyoc Store online to purchase the products!
You can get it at less than $100!

Promotion till END OF NOVEMBER!


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  1. I absolutely love this product. The product container and label are stylish and sturdy. The dead sea products has a slight smell that is soothing to me, I don't mind the fragrance at all and after using the product my face felt a lot smoother and looked more clear (complexion wise). The mask is easy to put on and remove... source -