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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Mika Rayn and Suri Ayra Birthday

Recently, my family celebrated Mika Rayn's 5th birthday and Suri Ayra's 1st birthday at Punggol East Multi Purpose Hall. It was located near to my sister's place as it was so much easier to move things around. Both of them share the same birthdate which is 24th September 2014. How lucky! Mika and Suri are both my niece and nephew. Time sure flies so fast. Could remember vividly how Mika and Suri look like when they were still a newborn baby!

I came to a realisation that most of my family members are born in the month of September. My grandmother, my 2nd sister and all of my niece and nephews (in total four of them).

Anyway, the theme for the birthday party was 'Dots, Stripes and Pastels' which means everyone has to dress up in polka dots, stripes or pastel colours. It was obvious enough that my dress code was off the theme. Green, seriously?

How can one say NO to food

Candy for the sweet tooth

Mum and grumpy Suri

She loves to pout 

Cake cutting time!


Even though it's already October, but I'm just going to wish again
Please don't grow up too fast...

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