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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Korean Make Up Look Tutorial

When I think of Korean make up look, I think of fair, glowy and pink. I came up with this make up routine as to show you guys my own idea of what a Korean make up looks like. 


Used in video:

Before starting my make up, I apply IDS T1 Toner and S2 Sunscreen.
Avoid my face from damaging (especially in the day).

Left to Right:

The PORE-fessional Primer from Benefit 
Helps to cover up open pores

NARS Sheer Glow Foundation
Give the glowing texture when applying foundation

Revlon Concealer
Conceal all the imperfections such as the dark circles around your eyes or even, your eye bags

High Beam from Benefit
Act as highlighter. Gives the extra shine and healthy glow

Revlon Loose Powder + Sephora Kabuki Brush
Apply lightly on highlighted areas to avoid looking 'oily'

From left to right:

NAKED BASICS by Urban Decay
For the nude range for example, the smokey eyes

Anna Sui Eyeshadow Palette Limited Ed
The lightest (colour) shimmering eyeshadow for the inner corner of your eyes as well as the bottom

Anna Sui Blusher + The Body Shop Blusher Brush
Brush against the lightest colour of the blusher and downwards

Cyber Colors Eyebrow Pen from Sasa
To define your eyebrows

From left to right:

Eyelash Curler from Daiso
Curl your lash in order to make it look longer 

NYX Lipstick
Use a brighter shade of pink to make your overall make up look outstanding

Maybelline Hyper Curl Volume Express
For short and thick lashes, this will be good for you to achieve a longer lash

L'Oreal Ultra Sharp Eyeliner
The thinner the eyeliner brush, the better you can control it

Have a great day ahead!
*blow kisses*

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