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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Travel with The Heart Stuff

It's already June and how time flies so fast. Most of the students are already on their school break right now while I'm still here stuck in internship for the next one month or so. Boohoo! But it's okay, after my internship ends, I get to enjoy about three months holiday! #positivethoughts

Hahaha! I haven't really had the chance to travel around the world with my friends and my love ones YET but how I wish I could. I'm still in a midst of planning an overseas trip for my upcoming holidays and I HOPE it's going to be a confirmed one. Not just the "only talk but no action". You know how you always tell your friends, "EH LET'S GO PARIS MALDIVES AFRICA THAILAND HONGKONG" but it never happen. Always the last case scenario. Nevertheless, I'm already saving for the shopping part! *big grin*

Anyway, what makes me more eager to travel is because I just received my newly customised passport cover! It's so pretty okay... I was browsing through the website and thinking, which colour should I choose. I had a hard time deciding which colour I should settle for and ended up, picking the neon pink for myself and the baby blue for my boyfriend!

Initially, I wanted something the bright yellow. That was my second choice but I couldn't say No to pink. It was calling me, "Pick me, pick me..." Hahaha!

What I love the most about the customised passport cover was that, you are able to have your name carved on the passport cover. How cool is that right? Not only that, I got to pick a charm to be placed on the cover itself! As for me, I wanted the travel wanderlust kind of feel, so I picked an eiffel tower to represent my idea. Where as, my boyfriend, he is into blue. Blue means sea? And I picked an anchor for him. Hahaha! Straight forward logic huh.

You could also choose where you would like your name tag and charm to be placed. You have the total freedom to do whatever, however you want to decorate your own passport cover. How awesome.

Here is the end product! Pretty isn't it?

There are two empty slots inside the passport cover for you to put your cards or any important things while you are on the go. It would be easy for you to just carry around all the necessary items in just one passport cover. You don't have to constantly dig inside your bag for your wallet and then, take out your cards and cash when you need them. It's such a chore!

Why not set the right mood before you travel by making your own passport cover? 

Here is a few things that you need to know about The Heart Stuff.

The Heart Stuff is an online store selling items that are uniquely personalised to each individual’s tastes & preferences, with worldwide shipping!

Some of their popular products are the customized Passport Covers & Keychains, which can all be customized with name personalization.

They also have a How To Order page if you are unsure of how to go about personalizing your item! Isn’t that convenient?

Do check out their step-by-step guide in greater detail here.

Awesome news for loyal supporters of The Heart Stuff! Hashtag them at (#theheartstuff) on Instagram with your items to get a 5% off your next order! Just drop them an email at once you’ve done so, with your IG account name! All accounts must be public for viewing.

Do subscribe to their mailing list as well to be updated on new batches as well as new product launches! There are also special privileges for mailing listees only!

They’ll be setting up a booth at *Scape this weekend, on the 14th of June, Saturday! Their booth will be located beside NENE Chicken @ C26! Do drop by if you’d like to personally have a look the range of items that they have. All orders will still have to be placed via their website, so you may select your item and add them to your cart before going down!

Instagram: @theheartstuff

Discount code ‘ASYIHA5’ to get a 5% off total cart, valid from now till 30 JUNE 2014!

Still can't get over how gorgeous my passport is *_*

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