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Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Years ago, my family enjoys collecting old cd's to watch at home in case we get bored with the television channel that kept on playing the same old movies over and over again. Obviously, one day, we'll eventually get sick and tired of watching the same thing. I came across Grease CD in the living room cupboard and decided, why not give it a try? The front cover picture was young John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John. Half way through the movie, I got to engross. My eyes were glued the television screen from the start of the movie till in the end. What made it much more exciting was the songs! LOVE, LOVE IT!

I grew up and still, wasn't sick and tired of watching it over and over again. Recently, I even downloaded the movie to my phone to watch it before I go to bed. It's thrilling! Those who have yet to watch, you really got to watch it! It's very 1970's and I like how in the olden days, the girls dress, their culture, everything. It's pretty interesting.

Initially, I didn't had a clue that Grease was coming to Singapore until I was walking in town and I saw a poster of it on taxis. I thought to myself, "I HAVE TO GO CATCH THIS IN THEATRE!!!"

A few days later, Gushcloud told the bloggers that they are giving away tickets! OF COURSE I WAS THE FIRST ONE TO AGREE TO IT. I MEAN, IT'S-GREASE!!?!!

Boyfriend was my date :') He was really clueless about what this Grease was all about. Knowing him, I know he's not into something like this. Musical and play, because he'll ended up falling asleep. But, he proved me wrong. In fact, he was much more excited than I am and he stay put for 2hrs straight, laughing and giggling! Hahaha...

I swear I was super duper excited! When the play was ongoing, I feel like singing my lungs out. But, too bad... I had to keep my cool....literally. At most, just clap to the beat or sway a bittttt... hahaha... I enjoyed every bit of it, really.

Planning to watch it soon?
Blog readers special~


  • Applicable for A & B Reserve tickets
  • Tues - Thurs and Sunday performances for shows between 27 Apr - 4 May only
  • Offer valid for purchases made between 21 Mar - 4 May 2014
  • Offer only applicable to tickets purchased via this promotional link via Showbiz

Don't worry! They've extended it and 18th May will be their last show :)

It's still not too late!!!

I promise you you're not going to regret!
*pinky promise*


An unforgettable event.

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