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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Vaseline Healthy White Instant Fair

I am happy to announce that Vaseline's new Healthy White Instant Fair is going to be my next favourite must-have!!! I have used a few products from Vaseline from the Petroleum Jelly that I used for my eyelashes to the hydrating body lotion that contains aloe vera! This is probably the third product that I used from Vaseline and I am in love~ It's a love at first sight. The colour does contribute a lot. Hahaha!

Vaseline's new Healthy White Instant Fair gives you up to 4 times visibly fairer skin instantly and offer immediate radiance which contains illuminating minerals that work to diffuse and reflect light to make skin look brighter upon application. Not only that, it delivers long term benefits, giving you a lighter skin tone over time and restoring skin to the fairness it deserves. The lotion is formulated with Skin Lightening Bio-Actives including Vitamin B3, and a castor oil-derived ingredient called 12-HSA, which helps skin cells function better and subsequently strengthens the skin barrier so as to maintain a healthy skin moisture balance. What's more interesting is that it comes with a triple sunscreen ingredient to protect skin from UV rays. It's basically EVERYTHING ALL IN ONE BOTTLE!!!

What's special about this is that it gives immediate results besides the long-term whitening benefits it gives. Here is the Before and After photo of my hands when I apply the Healthy White Instant Fair.

It goes beyond just moisturising!!! It is a non sticky and non greasy lotion that absorbs really quickly. Vaseline Healthy White Instant Fair retails at $7.95 for 200m and $11.80 for 350ml at selected Watons and Guardian pharmacies and all major supermarkets from Nov 13. There are different ranges as well that you can look at!

Psst. If you want a free sample, go to Vaseline’s FB Page ( to get a sample and share your Vaseline whitening experiences.

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Don't forget to get yours now!

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