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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

"Be Thankful And Think How Rich You Are"

I was browsing through the net on a lovely Monday morning during my school break, with my all-time favourite choice of Starbucks drink; Toffee Nut Frappe, to accompany my me-time, scrolling through random pages, clicking relevant hyperlinks to get myself inspired with both lengthy and not-so-lengthy quotes and photographs that portrays a positive outlook towards life. After visiting quite a number of Tumblr pages, I chanced upon this quote that I thought would be suitable for my blog post today.

I thought to myself, "How impactful can a short and simple quote be?". I extracted the first sentence as the title of today's post which is, "Be thankful and think how rich you are." Before you start assuming, the word 'rich' in this context means abundant (exist in large quantity); does not necessarily have to always appear in monetary term. 

These are the following sentences that comes after:

"Your family is priceless,
Your time is gold, 
Your health is wealth."

Look around you. The best things in life aren't bought with money. Family, time, health and love are a few of the amazing things that God has given to us human beings. It's a gift. How we look at it, how we perceive it, how we make use of it, defines the meaning of each of them. 

Have you ever questioned yourself, what would you do differently if you had the chance to turn back time? Would you spend the time you have wisely? Would you give your precious time to someone/something that is more WORTH it? Do you ever regret devoting your time on unimportant things? Would you fix the arguments and problems you have with your family than just running away from it and letting it be, without knowing that you're putting your relationship at stake? Would you stop all the bad habits you have gotten yourself involved in like smoking, getting wasted every weekend night, knowing that your live span would decrease accordingly? Not only you're harming yourself but also, the people around you, mainly your love ones.

Doesn't mean it's 2014, it's TIME TO MAKE A CHANGE. No. You can make changes at any point of time in your life; whenever you are ready. But since it's the beginning of the new year, why not let this be a wake up call for some of us including me, to kick start the year properly. That means setting your mind straight for something you want to achieve by the end of the year. Setting realistic goals for yourself, knowing what your weaknesses are and turning them into your strength, finding ways on how you can improve the things you are most passionate about, making good progress, so that at the end of the day, you will get the result you deserve and of course, the sense of satisfaction that comes along with it. With the past mistakes that you have learnt, try not to let history repeat itself again.

Change doesn't happen overtime. It takes weeks, months and sometimes even years to see the drastic difference. There's always a beginning to everything. Take one step at a time and I'm pretty sure with a positive mindset and the amount of effort you put in, it's all going to be worth it.

This blog post is specially dedicated to those who have made 2013 a smashing year for me. Though there were some people who made it a living hell for me, I shall credit myself for standing firm with my decisions and being able to completely remove them from my life without looking back. From enemies to friends and friends to enemies; it ALWAYS happen. Now, before I begin showing my appreciation to those who are concern, I would like to take this opportunity to thank those who walked out of my life because if it weren't for you, I wouldn't be who I am today. Your absence has definitely cleared the air and helped me to grow, prosper and blossom as an individual.

Beginning of 2013, it was a crazy roller coaster ride for me. There were times where I felt like I was flying high in Cloud 9 and wish I never have to come back to Earth and face reality and there were times where I just want to give up on life because the hurt was too painful to even bear, to the extend that I could possibly lose my mind anytime. On a brighter note, I was glad that everything has ended. I survived. What happened during the other half of the year was a miracle. I may not be pious but I do believe that God is Great. I believe that everything (challenges) that was thrown at me was a test from Him. I know that all the challenges that He has given me are challenges that I can face because he is fair. 

Like the saying, 

"After rain, there's a rainbow,
After a storm, there's calm. 
After the night, there's a morning, 
And after a ending, there's a new beginning."

Life was smooth sailing after.

L o v e   L i f e

Like they say, when you're in a relationship, it's either a lesson or a blessing. This time, clear enough, it's a blessing. Honestly, I feel immensely happy that I finally get to reunite with him once again. God probably has already planned this before hand, I'm sure of that. Hahaha... (Confidence level: exceeded)

He is not someone new. I've dated him for four months, back in 2010 but unfortunately, things didn't work out. We were both too young and naive. However, after years of being apart (almost forgot that he existed), he finally came back into my life. Unexpected, unintended and unintentionally. Nevertheless, this time, things are much, much better than before. I truly feel bless and complete ever since he became a part of my life. Touch wood, even if things doesn't go well in the future since it's all in the hands of God, I can safely say that it was all worth it.

We have been together for 5 months now and trust me, it feels like as if I've known him way more than just, 5 months. I questioned him, "Why only 5 months? Why not 5 years? Or 10 years? Why so slow?" just to annoy him. He just chuckled. Thankfully, everything is all good now and I hope it continues to stay this way.

I do have quite a number of weaknesses and one of them is that, I'm not really good with expressing my feelings to someone I truly love. I often giggle to myself whenever Sahil asked me to express my feelings to him face-to-face because he thinks it's the most sincere way to show your love to someone. Doesn't work for me. My brain will freeze. My heart will start racing. My palms will sweat. I couldn't get the words out of my mouth. I just look blankly at his face, hoping and praying he will just give this a pass. And as usual, he is always kind enough to do so but I'm pretty sure he was slightly disappointed. For a moment, I thought I was dying in cold sweat. It's tough for me to verbally express my love, especially when he looks at me in the eye, sternly.

In just a short period of time, he has already contributed so much to make life a better one for me. He always wants the best for me and I can see that even without him saying a word or having to mention what his intentions are. Although at times I can be a huge pain in the ass, complicated at times and always making him mad and pissed due to my own selfishness, at the end of the day, all of those won't matter to him because he looks beyond my imperfections. He accepts me for what/who I am and will still love me the same or better still, more than before. He is just, amazing. Not only as a lover, but as an individual.

There are plenty of things that Sahil and I enjoy doing during our free time and one of them is food hunting. We have been dining in Japanese restaurants very frequently because we simply love the kind of food they serve. It's mostly out of the norm. My usual must-haves would be Cha Soba and Chawanmushi.

Swissotel The Stamford
 2 Stamford Rd, Singapore 178882

Japanese Casual Restaurant Watami Singapore 
252 North Bridge Road, #B1-06/07
Raffles City Shopping Centre
Singapore 179103

The watch boyfriend gave me for our monthsary. It's beautiful, isn't it?

Koh Grill & Sushi Bar
#04-21, Wisma Atria Shopping Centre
435 Orchard Road

Orchard Central Rooftop Garden 
Orchard Central
181 Orchard Road 238896

Magnum Singapore Pleasure Store 
Raffles City Shopping Centre
North Bridge Road B1-44D
Singapore 179103

Currently, he is in Turkey right now for his football training and matches with the team. The 6 hour time difference, oh don't get me started on it. Today marks the 11th day since he left and there's still about 3 more weeks to go? Ever since he came back from SEA Games in December, I got the chance to spend as much time with him before he left for Turkey for a month. To be distant away from him once again in a short period of time, it's certainly something quite depressing for me. However, school, exams and other things have helped me to keep myself busy and distracted from thinking about him. It works. I try not be too dependant on him since he will be away most of the time this year. It would be good if I got the hang of it and adapt to the sudden change when he's gone.

Personally, I don't find it's a bad thing because it shows that I can be left alone in times where he needs to go overseas without him having to worry that some thing bad will happen to me in Singapore. Trust is there. We don't normally bring up issues about cheating, loving each other less or anything that is along the line of insecurities. We both have this mutual trust and we KNOW that nothing bad is going to happen even if we are apart for a period of time. Call it complacency but as for me, I call it trust. 

It's the kind of trust that I know he won't do shit and he knows I won't do shit, you know? We know ourselves best and we know what we want. That's one of the most important life lessons that I learnt from him. He made me question myself about my priorities in life and through that, I matured a little bit from there. I no longer think about things that a common teenager would. It came to a point where I am ready to settle down with him and think far ahead than where I am standing right now. Big plans ahead, if that's what you call it. 

M y   F a m i l y

Meet my lovely family. Not a complete one in this photo obviously but nevertheless, here are some of the pictures taken while we were on a trip to SEA Aquarium. Lately, I have been spending so much time with my family going to random places and I seemed to be enjoying it a lot. Family is important. I couldn't even emphasise any further. Why do I say so?

Family is always there for you when every one else is missing. In the midst of living in this problematic life, we often lose people along the way even if it's those people whom you least expect to leave you. Friends they come and go and so does other people for example, your best friends or even, your boyfriend whom you thought you could last forever with. Who eventually stays at the end of the day? Your family. They never leave your back regardless. They stay under the same roof as you. You see them most of the time. That's when you are able to communicate with them, spend time with them, amend things with them when there's any problems to be raised. You come home, you see them. You wake up, you see them. They won't run away. Communication is key.

That's the reason why it's important to always have a strong ties with your family members. They might not always be there to listen to your cries or your problems every now and then as they have their own commitments to deal with for instance, work, taking care of their own family and raising their own kids but one thing for sure, when they have the time to listen to you, they are the best person you can turn to as they are the ones that can give you the best advice you can seek. 

If your relationship with your family isn't doing well, try to make a change. Even the simplest thing like sitting down in the living room, taking the initiative to strike up a random conversation and make everyone get involve in the topic or plan an outing. Does not have to be a big outing, it can be a small outing like maybe go out for a dinner? A family does not have to be ideally complete, meaning family does not necessarily have to consist of a father, mother, sister and brother. As for me, I don't have a dad but that doesn't stop me from making me feel that I have a complete family. I make do with what I have and you should too. Stop focusing on what you don't have and start focusing on what you have. 

My family members are my pillar of strength. My family as a whole has nurtured me well and moulded me into a person that I am more grateful to be. Without their never ending support and guidance, I would never be where I am today. 

Bali Thai Restaurant
 #B1-221, Resorts World Sentosa
26 Sentosa Gateway

S.E.A Aquarium
 8 Sentosa Gateway, Singapore 099958

Kallang Bowl
 5 Stadium Walk, Singapore 397693

Sizzling Stonegrill
 G22, Ground Floor, Aeon Jusco Bukit Indah
Johor Bahru, Johor 81200

H i s   F a m i l y

Something great happened after I met Sahil. He introduced me to his family and from that day onwards, I did not regret a single bit knowing them. Who would have known that I was being introduced to the most craziest bunch of people. Not in a bad way. All of them have great character and personality that makes it very easy to click with them. They are all so welcoming and it feels good that they treat me just like one of them. I am grateful for his mum especially as she has been very kind to me. She will check up on me when I'm feeling unwell or whether I've reached home safely or when there's something that's bothering me. Since family has always been a huge thing for me, I am glad that I am able to treat them like my second.

I do appreciate sincerity. Learning from the past, it feels much more real being around with his family. There's no fakeness. There's no drama. There's no threat. There's no evil hidden motives. There's no suffer. There's no problem. I could really feel that it's all genuine. You can tell. I can see the huge difference. I feel much more safe under his wings and my family is definitely happy to see that I'm doing so well with him now. I would like to thank his family for being a great host when I am around and for treating me like their own. Couldn't ask for more.

Singapore Changi Airport
 Airport Blvd, Singapore

This is when Sahil just came back from SEA Games and all his family members gathered outside the Arriving Hall with banners and flowers to welcome him home.

F r i e n d s   F o r e v e r

Half way through 2013, I lost hope and faith in friends and love. I totally lost it all. I could not bring myself to be close with anyone anymore because the past kept haunting me. True love does not exist. True friends does not exist either. That thought didn't last long. Slowly, Sahil came into the picture and eventually, I believe in love once again. Slowly, Syahirah came into the picture and eventually, I believe in friendship once again. Slowly, the other remaining girls came into the picture and eventually, I believe that there's still faith and hope.

Syahirah (photo below). She's wonderful, amazing, bright and chirpy girl. Most of you must agree that she looks very cute and adorable like a small girl. How we came about to know each other was rather funny and weird in a way. I don't want to be telling the whole world because it's very embarrassing for Syah especially hahaha! That aside. I am glad that I met her. Just like how a good friend is suppose to be like, she is one of the living example.

 #B3-24, ION Orchard, 2 Orchard Turn

Singapore Botanic Garden
 1 Cluny Rd, Singapore 259569

You know there's always a different kind of friends you will have. There's the one that you are most open with in terms of sharing your problems, always there for you when you need them, and there's the one that are JUST CRAPPY. CRAPPY LIKE CRAZY CRAPPY. They are the ones that when you need A GREAT BUNDLE OF HAPPINESS AND JOY WHEN YOU JUST GOT DUMPED OR SOMETHING, they will give you that. Throw a sleepover party at someone's house? They'll probably turn everything upside down. That's them. The animal friend.

Saizeriya Ristorante E Caffe
 The Cathay
2 Handy Road, Singapore 229233

 27 Bali Ln, Singapore 189863

2013 wasn't a bad year after all. You lose some, you gain some. For me, I lose some, I gain 2 times of what I deserve. Fair enough :') There's quite a number of big goals that I've set for myself in hopes that I would be able to achieve it by the time 2014 comes to an end. I will always keep reminding myself to work hard towards the things that I would like to achieve in life, importantly, be consistent. With the help and support of my love ones, I believe that it would make my journey a much smoother one. So far, I am indeed very contented with how life is treating me. I shall be thankful for the good times now before everything comes crashing down again because there's a saying that you can't be too happy because eventually, there's always something that will ruin your happiness. The key is, 

Stay humble~

I know it's too late for me to wish you readers a Happy New Year because I am 22 days late but it's okay, I'm still going to do it anyway. 

Happy New Year to all of you! I hope that everyone is doing well for a start. Stay kind. Just know that for those who are struggling with life, be it studies or work. Like what I've tweeted a few days ago, "Suffer now, enjoy later"

Lastly, for my Chinese friends who are celebrating Chinese New Year in a few days time, Gong Xi Fa Cai :')

Oh, and since, I'm blogging today and it happened to be someone's birthday, I would like to wish HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO EUNICE!!! (have the urge to spell out her Chinese name instead, but since we are FRIENDS right, so I shall not hahaha)

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