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Saturday, December 7, 2013

That Perfect Weekend

When was the last time I blogged about myself? Like, how have I been these past few days or about how's life is treating me so far? My blog post has been all about advertorials, food, food and more food. Well, I want to make this blog post to be a little bit, different. More about how I've been doing.

First of all, a lot of things have happened in the month of November alone. I signed a 2 years contract with MINT Modeling Agency. Besides that, I have to attend events back to back and it's not cool especially if you have to go AFTER SCHOOL because it would be a rush! But I made it. Hahaha! Three events to be specific; The VS Pop Up Store, I.T Fashion Choocolate Opening and Giordano Tee Launch. Will blog about the remaining events soon!

Had both photoshoot and videoshoot with Sunsilk Singapore for their upcoming CLEO Sunsilk catalogue and also, for a campaign. The whole experience was very amusing to me because it's not something I get to do every single time. Great opportunity I must say. Got the chance to learn a few make up tricks from the wonderful make up artist, Larry Yeo. Very humble :') Even gave me a glass filled with small cherry tomatoes after the shoot since it is my favourite.

What else? OH YES! I got my own name card!

Attended Singapore Hawker Gala Awards at SEA Aquarium with Ferlin Leung. It felt like I was paid to eat instead of giving out prizes to those winners. The event was hosted by SPH and as expected, everything looks grand. For the first time, I get to experience fine dining which includes a 6 course meal. I wish the night didn't end. 

And then, there was an event that I've posted on my blog post before, it's the Lion City Throwdown. Didn't get to capture a lot of photos because it was pretty dark in there and plus, I didn't bring my camera along. I was amazed by the dancers and wondered to myself, "How does one break, bend and dance that well? Spin around and not get dizzy or IDK???" Hip hop dancers are really cool people. From head to toe, they are decked in really cool outfits. COOL is probably the only word I can think of. Hahaha!

LAST BUT NOT LEAST. SHOPPING. Got for myself a red leather bag, a golden iPhone and a black studded sling bag. Here are all my Victoria's Secret collection. Happy that I finally own a 3rd bag.

Besides all the happy events that happened to me, now comes the sad part. School has been quite hard on me since it's exam period now. Been going home late because school ends about 5:30pm and it takes me about an hour plus to reach home. If I'm really, really tired, there's a cab for a reason. Hahaha... Other than that, is my driving. Been worrying about whether I passed my FTT. Sat for the test and the system broke down. I had to do a paper test in the end and they can only get back to me within a week. Ugh! At least tell me if I fail so I can plan my time properly and book as soon as possible. Was planning to get my license before my birthday but hahahaa, don't think it's possible if I failed my FTT.

Another sad thing that I wanna share with you guys is that.... I've been GAINING WEIGHT! Yes yes people. The skinny looking me has already gone missing. Ran far far away and is no longer to be found. As you scroll through the pictures below, you can ACTUALLY TELL. 

So what's my view on this?

I AM TOTALLY FINE WITH IT. I got to admit that I do whine to my boyfriend every single time, saying that I am gaining so much weight and my tummy is flabby, blablablabla but HEY! That's what all girls do! Even skinny or average size girls do that, saying they are fat when clearly they are not. It's just the way how the woman brain works. 

But at the end of the day, I'm actually okay with the way I look. How chubby my cheeks are. How big my thighs are getting. I accepted the fact that I am getting bigger. But of course, deep down inside my heart, I am yearning to lose weight. Strange thing is that the bigger I am, the more my boyfriend likes it. I have no idea why. Not only him, but my close friends LOVE it. They think that I look cute (which I find it really "whatever" and lame hahaha) and that I look much more healthier, cheerful and happy! They say that my face becomes very round like a ball. OH...KAY.

I'm not offended when people say that I've put on a lot of weight. I EVEN GET COMMENTS ON INSTAGRAM BY RANDOM STRANGERS THAT I LOOK FAT. Like they use the word "FAT". 

But, in fact, I was never offended. I look at it at the brighter side. Like, it's okay. I can lose weight. I just need to cut down on my meals, it's going to be fine. My boyfriend and my close friends (no doubt) will continuously feed me, TRUST ME. They will bring me to food places, and order a lot of things for me to eat, force me to finish my meal and will keep ordering for more! Asked me out to eat supper and have dessert after.... It's never ending. Even if I tell them, I want to lose weight, they'll probably roll their eyes and just keep doing what they do best, which is to bring me out to eat. HOW CAN I SAY NO TO FOOD RIGHT?

Though some people might not like the way I look now BUT IT'S OKAY. THIS IS LIFE. PEOPLE GAIN WEIGHT AT SOME POINT OF TIME IN THEIR LIFE. Just gotta embrace it~ The last time I face this same problem was when I was in YEAR 1 Polytechnic. From 46kg to 52kg HAHAHA. LIFE IS LIKE A CRAZY ROLLERCOASTER RIDE I MUST SAY. HAHAHA.

For now, my plan is to keep fit and shed off a bit of weight. Even if my boyfriend says that he will still love me for who I am even if I'm chubby (that's what ALL boyfriends will say right just to take care of the girl's feeling??), I will still want to lose a bit of weight. I still want to look good for him :') But it would be a tough challenge for me because I have to learn how to say NO to food after 8pm and find motivation to go to gym. That will take a lot of discipline.

Enough about that. Enought about weight issues. 

What I usually do during the weekends is that, I will always find myself indulging in good food at some food places, or be at the stadium to watch my boyfriend's match or play bowling. My friend even confronted me saying, "YOU EVERY TIME GO BOWLING NOT BORING AH? YOUR TWEETS ALL FOREVER BOWLING" Since then, I didn't want to tweet about it. HAHAHA! Of course, there are other things that I do to spend my weekends wisely but those are usually like "A MUST HAVE" kinda thing yknow? It IS a perfect weekend for me if ALL OF THOSE THINGS COMBINE INTO ONE meaning I get to eat good food, watch boyfriend's game and bowling in ONE DAY.

That's what I get to do last Sunday. It was a perfect weekend to me. What more if you get to spend if with your love ones :')

Had lunch with Syahirah at Ichiban Sushi, Hougang Mall, to try out the Japanese Cuisine. Nowadays, I've been eating japanese food a lot, trying out at different places. Sometimes, the same place over and over again. Couldn't resist. Some of the "must have" food that I ordered whenever I dine in would be the Chawanmushi, Cha Soba and Salmon sushi. Always.

Food for two.


Went down to Hougang Stadium at about 5pm to watch Singapore vs. Phillipine match and of course, Singapore won 6-0 and I'm proud of boyfriend for scoring one goal that day *applause*

The soccer scene is always the most happening compared to other sports as what I see. Even if it's a friendly match, the stadium will always be filled.

Boyfriend's mum and sister

The twins

After the match ended, we went to fetch the boys at Amara hotel and off to have supper!


After a good meal at Adam's Corner, I get to spend quality fun time with Syahirah, Syaz, Min and le bf.

Moments captured.
Great lost and victory.


I am really blessed to have met those people in this blog post. They give me hope that things can get better in time. They give me hope that it's not the end. They shower me with unconditional love and attention that not everyone can give. They care about me dearly. They want the best for me. They take care of me just like their own blood. They have faith in me, in things I do. They have shown me that happiness can exist once more. They encourage me, they go out all for me. That IS SOMETHING. That is something that I will never want to let go. They are the people that I will never, not once, trade in for something/someone else.

I really thought I couldn't bring myself to love, to care, to give anymore. I really thought that LOVE and FRIENDSHIP can never be found again and that it is utterly bullshit. BUT THESE PEOPLE prove to me WRONG. All of those, EXIST and IT'S PURE. It's like, I was left alone in the dark corners of the alley, all broken and shattered, don't wish to be found and then, there's this ONE SOUL, who came and carry me out of the darkness, saved me and brought me to a life that's full of great meaning. I shall dedicate THAT PERSON to be my boyfriend.

It's been a crazy ride.

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