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Monday, December 16, 2013

Movenpick Heritage Hotel Sentosa

On 7th of December, the girls and I went to Movenpick Heritage Hotel Sentosa for our 2D1N staycation. It falls on a Saturday and we had to go home the next day since I had school on Monday. Furthermore, the girls have other commitments too. Ikka is a mum, she has to take care of her baby girl and continue to give tender loving care (TLC) to her dear husband. Myra is taking her degree and school hasn't been treating her good especially with exams around the corner. Mai is busy flying around (not literally) since she's an air stewardess and it's hard to fit to her schedule. She only can make it that Sunday morning. But it's okay, at least she got the feel of the bed and breathe the air in the room. We couldn't stay any longer but HOW I WISH?!!! That's why it's very HARD to get everyone together.

Met the girls at Vivo City. Bought a lot of junks and snacks for our stay. 

Not much of my photo though because I'm always the woman behind the camera. I like to take pictures of people instead of the other way round. Hahaha!

We walked to Sentosa from Vivo because they had flea market along the walk way. I bought a pair of sunglasses because I lost two of it recently. I figured I need a new cheapo sunglasses and yes, it cost me only $10. KACHING!!! $$$

We had the suite room for ourselves and girls being girls, we ran around the whole room, screaming, touch and feel the sofa, the bed, the table, television, bath tub, towel, bath robe, sink, lamp, everything. Hahaha!

The moment we got in the room, we threw all our bags aside and decided to change out and wear the bath robe instead. We did quite a lot of crazy stuff. All I could say is, it was probably one of the best nights I ever had. C-R-A-Z-Y. Fullstop. Not going to reveal much. Can't wait for the next staycation already :)

Since I was the first one to knock out (lol), I was the first one to get out of the bed. I woke up so early like about 8 in the morning? Even showered, took my own sweet time in the toilet, walked around the room, listen to songs, hahaha... while the two girls were still in bed.... didn't want to wake up despite countless of times, trying to SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE THEM TO WAKE UP! All went down for breakfast, FACE SO SMELLY except for me ;) HAHAHA! I got too much time okay!

Mai came after that, rushed from the airport, sigh... *_* True friends. Could tell that she was so so tired but she couldn't sleep. Check out at 2pm and then, yeah... BACK TO REALITY!!!


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