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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Sunsilk: Own Hairstyle (The Twisted Pony)

I hope you girls have benefited a lot from the previous blog post on how you can achieve the Side Braid hairstyle! Not only that, I did mention how the new miracle Sunsilk Hair Fall Solution products can help you from reducing hair fall up to 10 times! If you guys have yet to purchase their product, YOU BETTER GET IT NOW! You will be missing out a lot trust me.

Here are some of the products that will be available in store!
(These products can be found in the Sunsilk Hair Styling Tool kit (the one in my vlog). Find out on how you can win them as you scroll further down.)

*As for the Hair Tonic, you can purchase it at only $10.90 until the end of October

There are a few hair styles that you'll be able to put your hair to the ultimate stress test. With the help of the new line of products introduced by Sunsilk, it will definitely make your hair styling experience a better one. 

Heard of the Sock Bun? Sunsilk has already uploaded the hair tutorial on their Facebook page. Click here if you have yet to watch it! Don't forget to like their page as they will be uploading more hair tutorials that you can learn from!

So what exactly is 'The Sock Bun'? Well, basically it's just you tying a hair bun using a sock. Yes, a sock; in a shape of a bun (or a doughnut maybe??). You can DIY! Just take any of your unused clean sock and cut the close end. Snip it off and roll it outwards. Slowly, it will form like a doughnut :)

You can actually purchase the ones that look like this:

Make your life much more easier :')

Below is a photo of Kim Kardashian with her Sock Bun hair style.

Here's a tutorial by Sunsilk on how you can achieve this look!

Since I have been playing around with my hair a lot, I came up with this new hair style that I think you girls will like it. For those who have followed me on Instagram, you might have already came across photos of me with that hair style. I named it, The Twisted Pony :)



Don't forget to apply the Sunsilk Hair Tonic directly at your roots before doing your hair!

After applying the Sunsilk Hair Tonic, part your hair in the middle. 

It's unnecessary for you to part your hair in the middle if you do not like it. You can try to experiment your hair by parting it whichever way you like it, whichever side you would like your hair to be twisted!

After you have done so, take a few bunch of hair and start twisting it outwards. Add a few strands of hair as you twist it downwards.

Pull your twisted hair to the back and use a bobby pin to secure it.

Do the same thing on the other side...


If you want to look more neat and sweet, you can add in hair accessories.

But before you add any hair accessories to beautify the hairstyle, use a rubber band to tie your hair into a ponytail.

Cut the ribbon into a reasonable length. Enough to tie a ribbon on your hair. 

And then, carefully tie a beautiful ribbon around your ponytail

There you go!

Take your time to learn it. Practice makes perfect.

I am pretty sure it's an easy hair style to follow up!


Love styling your hair and wants to share with the world? Sunsilk is having a Freestyle Challenge on their Facebook page. You can stand a chance to win plenty of attractive prizes!

Upload a photo with your own expression of each style and vote and "love" the best photos!!!

Sunsilk will be giving away...

4 weekly prizes x 3 winners 
- Exclusive Sunsilk Hair Styling Tool Kit (the one featured in the vlog) with new Sunsilk Hair Fall Solution set + hair styling tools worth $150

3 Top winners 
- Girls' Night Out package worth $1,500 for winner + 2 friends that includes 1 night stay at W Hotel Singapore, spa treatment at AWAY Spa and a dinner at Skirt.


With love,
Asyiha Ams

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