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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Quick Update + Wardrobemess Ad

It is really sad to know that school holiday has finally come to an end. Starting school tomorrow and my class starts at 8:30am in the morning. ON MONDAY. How great *applause* 

Nonetheless, I've been making full use of my school break which is good. Didn't regret a bit but just ONE THING THAT I WISH I COULD HAVE DONE which is to at least travel and loosen up a bit yknow. This holiday I've been working, stressing out on unnecessary things. Me being a perfectionist, sometimes you just tend to overthink. At times, our "enough" is never enough. WELL, hopefully the next study break, I'm able to travel and just explore. AT LEAST ONE COUNTRY WOULD BE GOOD. I AM MORE THAN HAPPY.

That aside, here's a quick update for the week!

Decided to go food hunting again with Syahirah and this time round, she initiated on Boston Seafood Shack at Star Vista Mall (Buona Vista). She has been bugging me to go to this place and finally, we did. 

Boston Seafood Shack
The Star Vista, #01-46
1 Vista Exchange Green

Love the concept of the restaurant. It's somewhat similar like Long John Silver?

Take photos first, instagram, then can eat

Here are the food that we ordered!

Overall, the food was oh-kay. Nothing much. Actually, I didn't like it at all. Hahaha.. the food was soggy and not forgetting, the rice too. Great disappointment. However, the dessert was nice though. I have always wanted to try desserts in a jar. #missionaccomplished

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I have been eating a lot lately and I'm pretty fine with that. That's not a problem. Even if I did gain weight, at least I am feeling really happy right now. Yknow how they always say, when you are happy, you eat a lot? (Or is it when you're sad, you tend to eat a lot??) BUT AS FOR ME, yes when I am happy, I will tend to eat a lot. It's scary looking back at the amount of food I have consumed for the past few weeks. Haven't been taking care of my body. I welcome more fats than muscles #LOL

I shall work on it :')

I'm the type of person who doesn't like to plan outings. I just don't like to think and brainstorm about what time we have to meet, where to have lunch and dinner at and so on. I can be doing that, once in a while but not all the time you see. I mean, I'm always running out of ideas. Hahaha... So this time, I told boyfriend to plan a dinner date for both of us. Knowing him, he doesn't really like to do research. But so far, he's been doing a great job in finding nice food places to eat. Most of his ideas are no doubt, much better than mine I have to admit. It's usually more romantic hahaha...

He brought me to this beautiful place to have dinner and the view was amazing!!! My outift of the day was sponsored by Wadrobemess. I selected two outfit; the black long sleeve crop top and the light brown shorts. I felt that it was casual but yet, easy to switch the outfit into something more outstanding by matching it with a gold/black necklace. 

Love the material of the crop top. It's like a knit top to me and what's good is that, when you wash it, the "strings" doesn't come off. You know how some knit tops, after you wash it, it just looks like worn out or plain horrible. It's comfortable too. 

I thought that the brown shorts would match the crop top perfectly because of the colour combination. Plus, it's a must have to own at least one pair of brown shorts. You can even match it with other plain shirts during your lazy days. Forget about denim shorts for once. Hahaha...

Instagram: @wardrobemess
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One Fullerton, #01-06
1 Fullerton Road

I really apologize to that girl who was yawning (or talking?) while I was taking a photo of the scenery.

I hope she doesn't read my blog and scold me or something.

The fact that (admit it) it's totally unglam.

But I really have no other photos!!!

Ahhh... the man that took my breath away~

I know it's damn cheesy.

But if he really does that, THEN I JUST HAVE TO SAY IT.

The food was too good. I would totally go back to the place again and have the same thing. The aglio olio tastes really... sigh. It doesn't look spicy at all right? Ha ha ha... Must try. You'll cry. But I like it, cause I love spicy food. I can still taste it in my tongue right now. The steak was equally good too. I recommend you guys to try here!!!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Invited to Fide Fashion Week at Marina Bay Sands with the new face girls.

An eye opening experience.

Even after I'm done writing everything here in my blog, I'm still thinking of school.... 


With love,
Asyiha Ams

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