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Friday, July 12, 2013

Justamaze Videoshoot

The best part about modelling is that, besides doing photo shoots in the studio, I get to do video shoots as well AND that's my favourite part.

Doing video shoot is much more exciting compared to studio shoot because you're able to run here and there, jump up and down, move around, be yourself, smile, laugh, everything. It's all natural. I'm grateful to be working with Justamaze in this latest video!

Let's rewind time... 

Justamaze is the first ever blogshop I modelled for back in April 2011. The owner, Elizabeth (Liz for short), contacted me through Facebook and told me to come down to the studio and try out since it was my first time doing photo shoots. I got the chance to model with Shui Xian, one of the resident model, and she was friendly! It didn't feel awkward at all; everything was smooth sailing. Both Elizabeth and SX made me feel like I'm already part of them. Since that day, I began to model for the brand for their future collection UNTIL NOW!

Since Liz and Jacque (Liz's boyfriend) have their own office, they decided to do the video outside their office area. It was really cool! We shot at about seven at night, every thing was pitch dark except for the spot lights. 

In this video, I represent Justamaze brand where as Emeline (another model) represent WeHeartBudget. Both are under the same owner! Don't get confused!

Here are some of the photos taken behind the scenes...

In love with the ring lights!!!

Talking about ring lights, do you guys know where to purchase it? I've been finding it everywhere! I went to Peninsula and Funan but they don't have it. HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE WHEN I GOOGLED ABOUT IT AND MOST OF THE RING LIGHTS ARE FROM THERE?

*angsty mode*

But if you readers happen to know any other outlet that sell ring lights, please please please drop me an email or leave a comment below this post. I would greatly appreciate it!

The video shoot lasted about an hour or two and all of us went to change into our own clothes and OFF WE GO TO HAVE SUPPER!!!

Dear Emeline


Changi Airport Terminal 3
65 Airport Boulevard

Isn't the setting lovely? *_*

Since it was my first time trying TCC, I didn't have a clue on what to order. I looked through the menu and there was one that caught my eye. Of course, that meal has to be spicy or SUPER spicy :)

How you determine whether that dish is spicy or not, usually in the menu, beside the dish name, they will have an indicator that THAT particular dish is spicy. For example, they will have a chilli sign placed just beside the name. The more chilli there is, the more spicy the food will turn out to be.

The food we ordered! Guess which one is mine! I think it isn't that tough to figure it out...

Most of the time, Justamaze 'routine' would be, after we are done with photo shoots, all of us including the models will go out and have dinner together. However, lately, every one has been very busy with their own schedule and therefore, we always give dinner a pass. It's quite sad because we won't be able to sit down and talk about things, catch up with one another and so on. I am glad that we were able to this once again after so long! 

The final product


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Photos from MAR.S fashion
Make up and hair done by them

Check out my crimp big hair hahaha!
StyleNanda Inspired

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