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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Night Safari Art "Seen and Herd"

A few of the Gushcloud bloggers including Eunice, Roseanne, Shine and myself, were invited to attend this event called, the Night Safari Art "Seen and Herd". If you noticed, there is a word "herd" in it, meaning a large group of animals that live together. Hence, you can roughly have an idea what this project or campaign is all about.

Night Safari has invited four talented Singapore street artists to help spread awareness among students regarding a certain issues about the decrease wildlife populations as well as poaching.

What is poaching? Based on Google's definition, it states that poaching is an illegal hunt or catch on land that is not one's own or under official protection. Easy said, they capture animals for their own benefits, for example (the obvious), medicine.

Animals that are featured in the exhibition includes Asian elephant, Malayan tiger, Indian rhino and the Asiatic black bears. These artists portray their artwork through graffiti, illustrations and other visual art forms.

Here is an image of the four artist that came to Night Safari to unleash their art pieces.

From left to right:
Michael Ng, Luthfi Mustafah, Eman Jeman and Samantha Lo

It was such a great honour to be the first few to witness the art work. Had light snacks before the event officially started. 

The food was delicious!! They had Salmon roll, cream puffs, cherry tomato, chicken wings and many more...

After filling our hungry stomach with good food, every one assembled at the entrance of Night Safari, for a short speech from Ms Isabel Cheng, Chief Marketing Officer, Wildlife Reserves Singapore.

The first one to reveal their art piece is Eman Jeman also known as 'ClogTwo'. He chose the Indian rhino to display his ideas. As you can see in the image below, his concept was simple yet meaningful. He spray painted a picture of a rhino on a cartridge.

Instagram: @CLOG_TWO

Next was Luthfi Mustafah also known as 'The Killer Gerbil'. He was inspired by the Asian elephant and told a story behind his art work. Personally, I find his art work really fascinating because he spray painted the elephant on the blind, and when he twisted the wooden stick, there was a message written behind the wall saying, "STOP HABITAT DESTRUCTION & IVORY TRADE". That's not all, when he twisted it again, it has an outline of the animal, resembling the extinction of the Asian elephant. 

In my opinion, a good art work is when the artist is able to send the message across to the audience clearly without them having to figure out what it is. To me, Luthfi Mustafah did a great job in sending that message across. 

Instagram: @thekillergerbil

It was Samantha Lo's turn to introduce her artwork to the audience. She is known as 'SKL0'. Not ringing a bell? How about 'the sticker lady'? 

YES! She's the one!

She chose the Malayan tiger!

Instagram: @skl0_

Last but not least is Michael Ng, also known as 'Mindflyer'. He picked the Asiatic black bear!

Instagram: @mindflyer

Four artwork have officially been unleashed and you can now see them at the exhibition, just in front of the Night Safari entrance. 





All of us were acting like small kids because we were sooooo excited to ride on the tram, tour around Night Safari, looking at cute and adorable animals! I tell ya, all the animals there were damn CHILL. They lazed around, looking at us like...

"Hey sup guys.........."

Roseanne and I

Shine and her boyfriend

Eunice and her boyfriend, Fai

THERE'S ME and my friends!

Couldn't snap pictures while we were touring around because flash photography is not allowed :'( 

After the tram ride, all of us went to watch Creatures Of The Night. IT WAS SUPER FUNNY!!! Eunice and I were laughing like a mad woman. Of course, not forgetting, the cute otters that made us smile~~~

Trying the hats on...

So what can you do on your part?


Take part in their Instagram contest to win a Safari Adventurer Tour for you and four friends! 
Contest period: 1 June – 15 July 2013
  1. Visit Night Safari’s Art Seen & Herd! exhibition and snap a picture of yourself with any one of the art pieces on display.
  2. Tell us what you can do to save the threatened species featured in the art piece (e.g. ‘Elephants are often poached for their tusks. Please don’t support the ivory trade’)
  3. Post the picture on Instagram, hashtag #seenandherd and tag @nightsafariofficial


50% off Night Safari Admission for students!

Offer is valid daily from 1 June – 31 August 2013. Admission using discounted ticket is only applicable after 9pm. Ticket is only valid on day of purchase. Other terms and conditions apply. 

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