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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Advertorial: Peppy Thread x Earl Grey Party

As you guys know this is my second time advertising for Peppy Thread. You can check out the first advertorial here.

This time round, Peppy Thread is bringing in more beautiful dresses for their latest collection! I have selected Ruth Dress in white as well as Megan Dress in black! Scroll through this page to have a rough idea on why I picked those items!

Ruth Dress

Ruth Dress comes in three different colours; black, yellow and white. If you were to open my wardrobe, you can find that 70% of my clothes are BLACK! Black is known as the "safe colour" and that goes the same as white. Since I have too much black clothes in my wardrobe, I thought to myself that white isn't that bad after all. Most of us girls tend to settle for a safe colour just like me.

What's special about this is that you can wear it in different style. You can pull off the dress with the feminine kind of look, lady-like or you can just wear a cap, sneakers and just rock the laid back look.

As for me, with this dress, I decided to rock the laid back look with black KKXX cap from EGP (more details below).

If you were to look closely, it has a flower patterns on it which is a bonus to me! I look floral stuff you know that ;)

Here are some of the ways on how you can style yourself with the white dress:

Megan Dress

Megan Dress only comes in black. It is suitable for party wear and/or girls night out! The material is soft and it's a body con dress. If you wear it, it will definitely define your sexy slim figure. The pattern on the dress makes your outfit much more outstanding and attractive. I can bet you, you will attract people's attention when you're out :)

You can also look out for this two dresses that I've picked as my favourite(s) outfit!

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It is also my second time doing advertorial for EGP hehehe... You can read the first one here.

Now who hasn't heard of Earl Grey Party huh? >:(  You're missing out a lot! Not only do they sell rad clothings but don't you think the person behind this online shop deserve recognition too?


She's such a sweet heart. I've always enjoyed modelling for Earl Grey Party and it's because of her energy and excitement that made me want to perform better in front of the camera. The first time I came to the studio, she already made me feel welcome. Though I was a little bit shy, but she's the one that tries to loosen me up! 

Anyway, now back to real business every body! In their coming collection, there will be a lot of black and white apparels; the "Monochrome Block Party!". This collection is going to launch in two separate collection in the upcoming two weeks.

Can I say that you guys are the 1st to see the preview of the "Monochrome Block Party!" collection? Hahaha, lucky bunch! Anyway, this was taken yesterday. So this photo is fresh from the oven.

I've picked two clothes from the Earl Grey Party rack. One is the Summer Skater Dress and another is Felice Flare-back top (white).

Summer Skater Dress

This dress is self manufactured. You gotta love the mix shades of blue on that dress!!! I pair this outfit with H&M Red Summer Hat and bag.

Felice Flare-back Top

I decided to go basic for this next one. Yes, it might look pretty plain to you from the front, but it has a sheer part behind. You can pair this top with a necklace/bracelet to complete that sweet casual look.

and lastly, it's the KKXX cap!!! I just had to pick this cap!


Want to know more about Earl Grey Party? 
Do visit the following websites!


Join their mailing list too!!!

See you guys in the next post and have a good Sunday!

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