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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

My Favourite Things

Besides my phone, wallet, camera, handbags and so, I do have a list of other things that I really love the most. Things that I keep close to my heart. It could be something that has a sentimental value to it, it could also be a new found love for me. For example, things that I instantly fell in love with the moment I laid my eyes on it.

Let's get rolling...


Black Ankle Boot Heels
Forever 21, $39
ION Orchard

I was roaming around the whole town in search for a new footwear for myself, be it heels, pump shoes, sandals and etc. I entered quite a number of shops to find the perfect shoes for myself, shoes that I NEED and that I will WEAR IT OUT (there are some shoes that I bought and never wore it out before). H&M, Far East Plaza.... and then, to Forever 21. There were so many shoes displayed on the shelves just as I went up the escalator near the MRT station. Most of the pretty shoes cost about $50 in average and I don't think it's a good buy.

Made plenty of rounds in the shop itself and I stopped by this one section. Full of black ankle boots in different designs. Some in stilettos form, others in plain flat boots and then, I saw this particular one. Just perfect for me. Not too high, not too short. Immediately, I went to purchase it :) 

I can't wait to wear it out once my clothes have arrived!


NAKED Urban Decay Eyeshadow Palette

Fell in love it when my sister brought home a new set of NAKED Urban Decay Eyeshadow Palette home. You can actually purchase it at any Sephora outlet!

What I love the most about this unique eyeshadow palette is that, it comes in Nude colours. If you know me, I love nude colours a lot. It's very natural and definitely a perfect combination of colours for photoshoot. Not too strong, not too light. Some people like bright, neon colours on their eyelids but personally, for me, I prefer more natural and "brown". I feel that bright colours doesn't suit me like this:

I look like a fish or I'm in some kind of an opera show. Hahaha! But anyway, back to the amazing product. Whenever you apply the colours on your eyelids, it actually stays and it blends in really well. It gives you a soft, natural effect. Nothing TOO "over".

During photoshoot, I always apply the 6th, 7th and 8th colour on the left. It gives a warm gradient of colours. The reason why the brush is still in the plastic cover is because I am using another eyeshadow brush. The palette still looks new!


MAC Studio Tech NC 40
TANGS Vivocity

Couldn't remember when was the first time I purchased MAC Studio Tech but for sure, I am pretty confident that this is probably my 4th or 5th set that I bought. My skin shade ranges from NC40-42. I like to look tanned, that's the reason why I always buy 2-3 shades darker than my original skin colour.

I feel that this is the only product that looks good on me. I don't know why, maybe I am used to it. I tried switching to Bobbi Brown but the product just doesn't click well with my skin, same goes to Laura Mercier. Don't get me wrong, both brands are good, but just not for my skin.

What I like about this product is that it gives a flawless finishing look. The texture is a bit damp, it's not in a powder form, neither it's in a liquid form. More to damp? The coverage is about medium to high, so whatever imperfection you have, it covers well. It feels heavy for me and that's the reason why I don't wear it out every day. Some times, I wear the Laura Mercier foundation out because it is much more lighter and good for every day use. Wouldn't want to damage my skin by putting layers and layers of make up on my face :/ My face needs to breathe too.

This make up is good for studio use. So, basically I use this product as my base foundation whenever I have photoshoot. There's definitely other foundation that fits more for studio use like the HD foundation from Makeup Forever because they said it contains something that has to do with the light bouncing here and there. Hahaha..


Pink Leopard Print Box

I remembered I bought this pink box with my family when we were out shopping. They gave me a budget and I am only able to spend on limited things in Diaso. I grabbed a white dustbin (for my room), a few small boxes for me to store my things (accessories, earrings, rings..) and also, a piggy bank (in tin). 

I chose the most beautiful box for me to store letters, movie tickets and other things that hold a lot of memories. The things inside have been with me for yeaaaars now, back track to the days where I first went gugu gaga over him (that was when I was 14). I was fan girling over Ashriq since he was a national hockey player. I am not going to lie, he was good looking. Even now.

I've never really shared with you guys how I met him.... Hmm... hahahaha! Okay, this might get pretty lengthy. Bare with me. Cut short.

Well, I first know him on Friendster. OH YES. F-R-I-E-N-D-S-T-E-R. Hahaha! I added him and find that he was quite cute and all. He had a neat hair cut, fair looking, innocent, seems shy and quiet. I would feel VERY EXCITED whenever he upload new photos or update his profile. Didn't want to check on him every single time because there is such thing as "Who viewed your profile" on Friendster. Don't want to embarrass myself. 

Just like any other girls, all I can do is just admire him and be his fan (even though I don't know what hockey is all about, seriously). He is a SOMEBODY and I was a NOBODY. Just me, writing down his name on a piece of paper, idolising him, basically just daydream like he is some kind of a celebrity. I talked about him to my friends, just telling them how I WISH he was mine (like how I wish Adam Levine was mine, hehehe). I kept talking about him over and over again and I know my close friends do get sick and tired of hearing the same thing over and over again. I AM SORRY MARIA, NETT, AISHA. NEVER in my mind I could actually have the chance to meet him or what more, be with him. I know this might sound psychotic, but I do draw a picture of him. Hehehe... 


And then, I wrote him a testimonial on his wall. He replied. And then, it went on and on. But it's nothing. It's more of like "hey how are you?" "How's everything?" "Cheers for the accept" "Do drop me a testi!" (LOL DO DROP A TESTI? WHAT WAS I THINKING?!! IS THAT THE BEST THAT I'VE GOT? HAHAHA) Surprisingly, he could actually entertain me. Things got more serious, we exchanged email addresses and communicate through MSN which includes webcamming. We then took a step to another level, exchanging numbers.  

You should know Ashriq, he was a shy guy, egoistic, hard to get. I gathered all my courage and asked him out on his birthday. 


But I am glad that I did it because he said that if I wouldn't have made that move, he too, wouldn't even make ANY move. I bought for him a nike shoe (never have I bought for any guy stuff!) and we had Pizza Hut for dinner. THAT'S IT. DINNER ONLY. AN AWKWARD DINNER. And he had to go off to his hockey training.

Years gone by, feelings develop, problems began to surface, we fought through the darkest times together and here we are, officially a happy couple :) Only a few know the amount of shit both me and Ashriq went through. But I am glad it all happened.


Victoria's Secret Perfume Box in 4
Marina Bay Sands

The box of perfume that boyfriend bought for me and dropped it in front of my door step because we got into a huge fight. He knows I love Victoria's Secret and that point of time I was in need of a new perfume. And there, it was.... 4 bottles of perfume. Until now, I couldn't finish the first bottle. Hahaha! (That's why 1 is missing)


Panda Hat

THE CUTEST HEAD WEAR I'VE EVER SEEN HAHAHAHA! This was given to me by Hariz, one of my closest guy friend. He bought for me over at some country he studied in for a short period of time. The first night that I recieved it, I actually wore it to sleep. Took photos with it and kept it close to me where ever I go. It is still very dear to me.

p/s: I wash it every now and then


YUNA Autograph/album

Last but not least, IS YUNAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA ALBUM! For my 18th birthday, one of my guy friend, Zul, bought a ticket for me to watch Yuna live in a small conference room where only limited people can go in. I WAS STARSTRUCK!! I swear she was beyond amazing!!! She sing better live than in audio. If you think her voice is perfect in videos, YOU SHOULD HEAR HER PERFORM LIVE. You will find youreself staring right at her, in great admiration and drool. She is so gifted. OMG... You can't even imagine. She is also very down to earth :)

After the performance, there is a meet and greet session. I GOT A CHANCE TO TAKE PHOTOS WITH HER!!!! BUT I LOST IT!!! !@#$%^&*$%^&(*&%$~!@%!!!!

But it's okay. As long as I got to touch her (sounds wrong). I REALLY REALLY HOPE SHE COMES TO SINGAPORE AGAIN!!!

I hope you readers have learnt a lot about me as a person! If some of you guys have yet to know, I created an account! If you have any questions, you can always drop them there (there's a box on the left side of my blog page so it's easier)! See ya in the next post!

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