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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

What's In My Bag?

Since I'm having two days break (Tuesday and Wednesday), I decided to do a VLOG! I know most of you expected me to do a make up tutorial but I didn't have my blusher and concealer with me. Maybe in the upcoming videos okay? 

I know recording "What's in my bag" video is very common. I initially wanted to do it because I remembered that Xiaxue did the video in one of the Guide's To Life episode and it gave me an idea to start off my Vlog. Hahaha.. So, here is goes..

But before you do, as you scroll down, there will be photos of me, snapping pictures when I was done recording it. It was really hot and I had to tie my hair :) Have fun watching!

Correction: At the last part of the video, I said something like you can ask me any questions out of curiosity. It means, asking me APPROPRIATE questions.

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