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Monday, October 1, 2012

Prawning + Family Day

All dressed up to town, hoping and praying that something will catch my eyes while walking around aimlessly. Even though I am sick and tired of going to Orchard Rd every now and then, it's still a shopaholic's paradise. 
Since there's a flea happening at Scape, I was just wondering maybe I could find something pretty and nice to buy. After roaming around from the first level to the fourth level and down again, I managed to only buy a red hair ribbon and a pink earpiece. I know, such a loser. 
Most of the apparels can be found on online blogshops and it gets really tiring seeing the same thing over and over again. There's nothing that stands out! Maybe there's a few, it's just that I didn't stopped and take a look at it.
I wanted to escape the crowd so badly that I left within half an hour! No words can describe how stuffy and cramp the place was!!! One thing I hate when I'm in the crowd is that, people just bumped on you like nobody's business. I HATE when people have any body contact with me, seriously. I'm just so sensitive about it. Whenever a stranger like tap on my shoulder, I'll jerk immediately. Well, that's my natural reaction. I just don't like it. SO, PLEASE DON'T DO THAT TO ME IF YOU SEE ME ON THE STREETS OR WHERE EVER. Just smile or wave. hahahahaha...
I was late for boyfriend's game. Around town area, it's soooo soooo hard to get cabs! So, I took a train to Little India and waited for a cab at the Taxi Stand. Hahhaa, you guys must be asking, why of all places Little India. I don't know. Syaza thinks it's a good place to get cabs.
Supposedly, boyfriend wants me to come at 6:15pm and I came at 6:45pm. The amazing thing is that HE KNOWS WHAT TIME I REACH. Was trying my very best to lie to him because I didn't want to break his heart. He expects me to be there punctually to see him score but he didn't buy my lie at all. I was thinking "how he know? he is playing on the pitch..." and he said this to me, "baby, please ah... you come in the stadium, I look above your head got a clock okay. I can see.. I'm not stupid." HAHAHAHA. Okay la, sorry.
Had to be the photographer of the day because SRC won. Congratulations! 

(See how happy he was!)

(That cheeky face when he looks at my camera...)

(Sam was forced by him to take photo)

Met Syaza at the stadium itself because we'll be going prawning after the game!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH SO EXCITEDDDDDDDDDD. Sam wanted to challenge me but in the end he lost, so too bad. 

(Syaza and Limin)

Sam, Syaza, boyfriend and I had dinner at a food court near Bishan. After we had a heavy meal, Sam and Syaza was behaving like a fat pig. Both wanted DONUTS LIKE AT THATTT VERRRY POINT OF TIME. If they don't have it now, they will die! Yknow? Bf was so kind enough to send them to Junction 8 to buy their junk food (oh, and for myself as well) hehehe

Prawning for a good 3 hours and we managed to get a lot of prawns, enough to feed 4 tummy.

As for my Sunday, I had family dinner at Thai Express, Jurong Point. 

My sisters tooooooooooooook about an hour to reach and I was already MAD HUNGRYYYY. We ordered a lotttttttttttttt of fooodddddddd. 

(Grandma reading menu)

(My 3rd sister drinking prolly the nicest tea)

(Ordered for myself AVOCADO JUICEEE)

(Granny, brother in law and 2nd sister)

(Me and mummy, she was from a malay wedding)

(1st sister and her son, Mika Rayn)


(The brother in laws)

(2nd sister gave this Chanel shawl for me!)

After that, we had desserts at SWENSENS! ICE CREAM TIMEEEE!!


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