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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Happy 10th Monthsary!

Yay! Boyfriend and I turned 10th month last Saturday. Hahaha! We decided to celebrate this special day on Sunday instead because I had something important to attend to on Saturday. Well well well... he deserved a round of applause for planning the outing. Though it didn't went as planned, I am glad that it all went perfectly well. More than perfect I should say.

Boyfriend brought me to this Thai Restaurant called Bangkok Jam at Wheelock Place and it was beautiful! I just like the atmosphere there, so peaceful and quiet. Perfect setting for a dinner. I am very happy that he made a good choice for choosing this restaurant because he knows how much I MEGA LOVEEEEE THAI FOOD. Thank you! Hehehe...

Ordered some food to fill our empty stomach. Tom Yam Soup will forever be the first on my list and Kangkong comes next, followed by whatever you want. It's a MUST to have the soup first! Can't miss out on that one! For drinks, I ordered Thai Milk Tea for myself and I swear it tasted just like the ones I've tasted in Phuket. GAHHH! SO SWEETS AND NICEE! Before I could even start on my meal, I was busy sipping until it was left with half. I recommend you to try that! *thumbs up*

(Our OOTD for that night)

After having a great dinner with love, we went to Ben & Jerry's at Dempsey Hill for dessert :) SWEET TREATS! Ice Cream + Cold Wind + Some alone time together = PERFECT. That setting is always nice for couples to express their love, hahaha! We exchanged our gifts for one another and judging by his expression, he was pretty shock at what I've given him. I am glad that he loved it as much as I love his gift.
We were still not done with the night. Boyfriend drove me to Botanical Gardens. Found a nice place to settle and we sat there, lying down on a mat, looking up at the glittery sky. He then, pulled out his arms with a diary on his left hand. He told me to read it. His 3 year old diary. It took a lot of courage for him to surrender his diary to me. MY OH MY.... His diary is EXACTLY THE SAME AS MINE. I meant... the content. From the day we met on Friendster, to our first date, to our outings.. So on and so forth. I didn't know he is a DEEP kind of person. So full of thoughts and feelings. I fell in love with him once again in an instant.
I am blessed and honored to call him mine. I am glad that we've met when we least expect it.  I am just a lucky girl that happen to be his.

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