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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Out Of Your Shell

Hello everyone! It's good to be blogging once again. Oh! Before I carry on, I would like to thank some of the people who dropped by my Formspring page to write down their suggestions on what topic I should talk about in my next future blog post. Really appreciate all your creative thoughts and ideas that have been sent to me *hugs*
If some of you readers have followed me on twitter, you should know what happened to my dear iPhone. Yesterday, while I was withdrawing my favourite pair of running shoes from the shoe rack, my phone slipped off from my butter fingers and it fell flat on the ground. My heart was pumping really fast, hoping that the screen will not break again. When I realized my phone wasn't functioning properly, I didn't had the mood to go for a jog and stomped away angrily.
The last time I replaced my damaged screen was 2-3 weeks ago and I promised myself to take care of it properly. This time, it wasn't my screen that broke, but instead, the phone was internally damaged. Meaning, the screen wasn't able to function nor was it able to use. Of course, like any other normal human being, I panicked. I called my friend for helped as I need my phone to be fixed AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!
Luckily, he decided to take a look at my phone today and agreed to replace it with a new one. How blessed! Having to live without my phone for that night was madness! I couldn't tweet, text, whatsapp, make a call and the most important one... INSTAGRAM! I was so mad, mad at myself. I suffered the whole night, literally. 

Let's not talk about my pathetic phone anymore. Basically, today I had fun jamming with the class. It was the second last day of school and lessons weren't that dry compared to the other usual days we had. When it comes to singing, I'm really very shy. I don't like to sing in front of a huge crowd or even, my classmates. I'll get easily intimidated and scared. I don't know why ):

Slowly, one by one left the room and I gained my confidence bit by bit. Only the closest ones stayed, like Esyad, Farhan, Janet, Tzu An, Sim Ming and a few others. We did a recording of a few songs for 2 hours and I just got to know that it wasn't saved in the computer. Hahaha, effort wasted. My throat was dying!! But it's okay. There's always some other days.
Here are some photos taken in the class while doing recording.

After school, I went to The Candle Boutique Studio for SecondSkin shoot. I was 15 minutes early and I got really bored. What more Eileen (the owner) was late! Hahaha...

ANYWAY! I'll be coming down to The Candle Boutique Studio for the Super Atas Flea tomorrow! See you guys there! Can't wait for pampering session tomorrow! X

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