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Saturday, August 11, 2012


I've been going shopping the past few days when I'm out. Here are some things that I bought and are madly in love with *_*

Forever 21 White Plain Shirt (

This shirt is very essential to all girls! This is a must-have in every girl's wadrobe. Why I bought it is because it's very easy to match with anything! For example, a few days back, I wore it with Justamaze's floral shorts and it looks like this...

Also, you can match it with a denim shorts and slippers if you're heading out to the beach! Other ideas would be, pairing it up with black skater skirt that I have from Secondskin :)

Gold Curler from Daiso ($2)
Maybelline Volume Express Mascara ($18)

I badly needed a new curler because my previous curler broke. I don't know how or when, but it did. Pretty happy that this new curler I have is in Gold. Makes it look more.....prettier?
As for the mascara, I've been using it for years now, the same brand, the same exact ones. I tried wearing the Maybelline The Colossal Volume Express but I find that it's not suitable for my lashes because it tends to stick to each other. Good thing is that, it makes your lashes really long. However, I decided to just stick with the old one because I find that it's the most suitable mascara I've used to far and it does quite a lot of justice to my lashes especially if I use the curler to further curl my short and thick lashes.

Bobbi Brown Oil-Free Foundation ($70+)

Wanted to try a new Foundation since my M.A.C is running out very soon. I was thinking of just buying the same M.A.C foundation that I've always use but I don't know what held me back. Most of my friends kept saying that Bobbi Brown is good, it makes your face flawless, good concealing, minerals are present and so on... I was really tempted to buy it since the reviews are mostly good. I purchased it in the end. It is slightly expensive compared to M.A.C but I'm hoping it's worth the try.
For now, I'm trying to finish up my M.A.C before I could use this. So, if you're looking for my own personal opinion, you guys have to wait :)

Shorts from Miyoc, JCube ($29.90)

I went to the new Outlet, Miyoc at JCube on their last day of Grand Opening. Just wanted to check if there's any nice clothes on the rack. Apparels from blogshops such as Secondskin, Wonderstellar, Twistpolka and TheGorgeousLook can be found there. This shorts caught my eye when I first looked at it and straight away bought it. Hahaha, so beautiful isn't it? I wore this shorts in this video I took with my lovely bestfriend recently.

Forever 21 Beige Wedge ($45)

I am so, so, so madly in love with this heels. It's very comfortable, I swear. I can literally dance or run with it. Hahaha.. I love it nude because you can basically match it with any bottoms/outfits. You can wear it with your denim, skinny jeans, or dresses, shorts, anything.
Last two days, I wanted to change the size because it was a little bit big for me. I went up to the counter and ask for an exchange and they told me that shoes can't be exchange. 
Yes, I understand it's their policy but my type of person is "I get what I want". So, boyfriend accompanied me and I complained to him that, 'Look, I'm going to get the shoes one size smaller and I don't care even if it takes for me to talk to their manager.' I made a little chaos at the counter and the cashier got agitated and exchange it for me.
I may come out and portray as a very insensitive bitch or demanding, but sometimes, if you can do something about it, to get what you want, then why not? Plus, I wouldn't want to sell my heels if it didn't fit me because honestly, It would be such a waste because I wanted it so badly.
There's still plenty of things in my shopping list that I have yet to cross it out. It is more to beauty products such as my moisturizer, whitening cream and toner. Other than that would be my furniture such my shoe rack, accessories rack and clothes divider (maybe hangers too). Hahaha! Time to head to IKEA sooon!

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