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Sunday, July 8, 2012

A Shopping Haul

Sorry for not updating regularly because I've been busy with school and a lot more other stuff. 
Yesterday, I had to go for this film shoot at Somerset from 10am until 7pm. I had to wake up at about 730am to get ready and I was trying my very best to get myself out of bed. I asked Afeefa to come along with me for the shoot because I wanted her to be my assistant for the day! 

My outfit of the day. Loving the Ombre shorts!

The weather on that day was.. how should I say.. 'PMS-ing'? First the sun was scorching hot, and the next moment, it started raining. It rained for about 3 times, I counted. Most of the time I just had to stay under the shelter and wait for the rain to stop. Not forgetting, the time was ticking... 
So basically, in this film, I had to act as this girl, just a passer by, and eventually, my handbag got stolen by this rebellious guy. Since it was my first time acting, I was a little bit stiff because I wasn't really comfortable with my surrounding YET but sooner or later, I got the hang of it. It wasn't really that bad after all. It's fun actually, because it's not all about serious business, there's jokes and laughter as well. Get to interact with cast and the crew, just to make it less awkward. 
The film is to be continued next Saturday and I'm looking forward to it. 

During this weekend, I've been shopping a lot! Last Friday, I bought for myself the Ombre shorts I wore yesterday as well a white lace dress from H&M for $39.90. I don't have the picture of it because it's still in the laundry! That Saturday itself, I bought a lot of accessories! More information below!

Ombre Shorts

Purple Diamond Earrings

Orange Stone Earrings

Forever 21
White Diamond Earrings

Scape Flea Market
Black & Blue Feather Necklace

Golden Spiky Necklace

Some of the accessories are very cheap, isn't it? ;) Loving everything! 
AS FOR TODAY, I spend my Sunday with my lovely man. We had late lunch at Waffletown because I was craving for my BBQ Chilli Fish (my all-time favourite dish during my Secondary School days). I dragged him to the place and he had no idea the place even exist. After a proper, heavy meal, I brought him to Ben & Jerry's @ Dempsey Hill to eat Ice Cream! Yeah, it's very fatty, especially when they served it with whip cream, oops! :)

Fun time is over and it's now back to reality. School tomorrow, Monday blues and it's Science lesson. Couldn't get any worst than that. UT2 is starting next Tuesday and that means, it's another round of non-stop mugging and studying. Wish me all the best people.. Just hope by the end of the test, I will still be alive.

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