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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Different Workouts

I just came back from the gym about 2 hours ago and some of you might ask me, "What kind of work outs do I usually do when I'm in the gym?" Basically, it depends on which part of my body I would like to work on on that day. It also depends on whether I have enough amount of energy to do more instead of just focusing on one area (for example, legs). 

As for me, most of the time when I head to the gym, I will always work on my legs first. That includes my thighs and my calf. From there, I slowly work on my bum, my V shape, followed by my abdominal. One thing about me is I never once did any work out for my arms. I don't carry weights or even, do any form of exercise for my hand muscles. I'm really weak at it.

A few weeks back, my boyfriend and I went to the gym and he taught me a few exercise routine to strengthen my legs, specifically my thighs. I'm glad that he pushed me, nagged at me, being all noisy, because I took that as a motivation. What satisfies me is that, the hard work finally paid off.

What I did in the gym just now, I didn't know why I was so pumped up, I decided to work on all aspect of my body. I actually did more than what I expected to do. 
  • 2o minutes of running on the treadmill at the speed of 9.0 continuously
  • Uses the machine for the calf (up and down, 50 times)
  • Sit ups (different ways, altogether about 100)
  • Bum workout (approximately 50 each leg)
  • Lunges with dumbbells (approximately 50 times)
And many more machine workouts. Obviously, I was dead beat after that. No kidding. Plus, I was from school and I had UT2 after that. God bless me. 

Most of the workout techniques I know of can be found on YouTube. I always watch The Victoria's Secret Workout to guide me along. Here are some of the workouts that I've tried before and it works.

Sometimes I do a leg exercise for me to strengthen my balancing. When I am modelling, one thing I have problems with is my balancing. When I wear really high heels, I have a hard time walking in it. That's not all, when I have to turn and move quickly to take shots for the photos, I have to slowly move my body to avoid myself from falling. Hahaha..

From the above video, you can see that the VS Angels actually worked their ass off for their VS Fashion Runway every year. If you guys haven't know yet, Erin Heatherton is my favourite model amongst the rest of the VS Angels. She is really gorgeous. Despite her flaws, she still looks beautiful :)

I hope today's post is beneficial for some of you who are curious on what I usually do for my normal gym routine. If you do not know what work outs to do for a specific area you want to work on, you can always YouTube it. It's helpful! 

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