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Monday, June 18, 2012

Three Days Update!

I was told by my colleague on Friday to replace his shift on Saturday and I did. It's been about 2 months since I last work at A&F and it's good to be back once again. Not a lot of changes, though there were a few new comers in the store. It feels boring not to have the old badge of impacters working at the store anymore. New faces. Nevertheless, I extended my working hours because boyfriend went to work as well till closing. Then, I decided to end my working shifts about the same time as him so we could have supper together. 
Before work starts, I had trouble finding for transparent contact lenses because in A&F, we are not allowed to wear coloured contacts. So I figured I would be able to purchase just a pair of them temporarily (for a month) at Jurong Point but they are only selling it in a bulk. I was already late for work and I had a hard time finding for just that particular contact lenses. Dropped by Clementi Mall, hoping that they would sell it and YES, luck was on my side! :)

Saturday however was a perfect one I must say. Relaxing at Sentosa, Azzura, great music, Jacuzzi, the pool, everything... Too good. I shall not elaborate any further. (Photos below..)

It feels reallllllllly good not wearing make up for the weekend. My skin feels fresher! If you think there's something different about my face in this post, then you're right. It's nayyyy-kedd.

And then, there's Monday! School has been really tiring. Test after test and school hour has been really cruel nowadays, from 830am till 6pm. That aside, I sat for my OB UT1 in the afternoon just now and It went pretty well. I'm glad that it's over. 2 more to go and I'M DONE!

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