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Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Feefa and I went to Starbucks, Jurong Point in the afternoon to catch up with one another. We've been busy with our own things and we thought it would be lovely if we were to meet up for a drink. We ended up recording a video of ourselves, titled "Bestfriend Tag". For some of you guys who have no idea what this Bestfriend Tag is all about, it's actually a list of questions we have to answer to test if we know our own bestfriend well enough. That includes for example, what's their favourite movie and etc. The process of recording was really fun because it wasn't a serious one. Just for fun. 

Later that
 evening, we made another stupid, meaningless videos. Nothing much. Maybe we are just too hyper. Here are some of the photos taken earlier on, using the BUG EYES effect on Macbook Pro.

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